England Summer Camp 2015

Calling all adventurers and Anglophiles!  I am offering a full day, 5-week long series of enrichment camps on England from the Middle Ages to modern day, integrating social studies and the arts.  By the end of this camp, your kids will have their horizons broadened and their appetites whetted for world travel.  They may even feel like they’ve gone on vacation!

June 8-12  Week 1 – Geography, Inception of England and Government

  • geography of Great Britain, climate/weather, terrain, and map reading skills like using scale, finding cities/capitals, using the compass rose, latitude, longitude, etc.
  • make a basic working timeline of England since its inception that includes major events
  • government and how they organized themselves, from the monarchy to serfdom to the feudal system
  • make mosaics

 June 15-19  Week 2 – Culture Part 1

  • education
  • knights and their training, from becoming a page in a different household to learning to joust and use common weaponry
  • aspects of health like lifespan, the lack of hygiene, bathing (or not!), lack of knowledge of germs
  • law(lessness) and how they kept themselves safe
  • transportation
  • court life
  • script/dramatize life for the upper class covered this week

 June 22-26  Week 3 – Castles and Cathedrals

  • castles, including early ones that only had a keep and later ones that had the full village within, parts of a castle, how they were used, specific castles and who inhabited them, *offense, and defense
  • cathedrals, the role of the church and clergy, the interplay of religion and politics of the age, and the pivot between Protestantism and Catholicism, different roles of people within the church like monks and nuns, and the role religion played in society with the people
  • build and label parts of castle
  • make stained glass while listening to Gregorian Chants

 June 29-July 3  Week 4 – Culture Part 2

  • aspects of daily life and culture for the people
  • food
  • kinds of work people did
  • how they acquired goods
  • clothing
  • housing
  • how they entertained themselves
  • family life, marriage customs, and gender roles
  • create and participate in a Medieval Faire complete with foods and costumes of the time, jousting using rings, and depending on the number who enroll, possibly a maypole, merchant stalls, and local citizenry like troubadours 

 July 6-10  Week 5 – Modern Day England

  • important, noteworthy architecture like Stonehenge, London Tower, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc.
  • current day foods
  • modern government, current monarchy, parliament
  • modern transportation
  • current housing, clothing, entertainment, education, work people do, how they acquire goods/shopping, modern lawfulness/keeping safe
  • knights of the modern day—forget the armor…
  • money/currency
  • British music and movies: The Beatles, U2, Mary Poppins, etc.
  • language/idioms/expressions
  • important famous English people
  • important etiquette in England


The camp hours are from 9:00-3:30.  The price is $225/week per child, with a $25/week per child discount if you sign up for three or more weeks or you sign up more than one child for any given week.  If you need before- and/or after-hours childcare, I am happy to accommodate that for a reasonable additional fee.  Tell me your needs and we can work something out.  Limited enrollment is available in each group, with a maximum of 8 children per week. Contact me at 214-682-7963 or delayna@delayna.com with questions or to enroll.

Exactly how I cover each of the weekly topics will be determined based on interest, how many kids are in each group, and their academic level.  I will offer two groups, a learning-to-read level for children who are not yet fluent readers, and a reading-to-learn level for children ready to learn the basics of research.  Depending on enrollment, we will do core-material learning in the morning and project work in the early afternoon, followed by swimming in my pool any day it is not raining.  

My pool is gated by an iron fence with a locked safety gate, and no children are allowed through the gates unless a supervising adult is present and actively watching the water.  Children who are not proficient swimmers will be required to wear life jackets at all times when they are past the iron gate in the pool area.  I have a number of them on hand.

Children should bring lunch, and I will provide a healthy snack during the day.  Lunches that require heating are fine.  They should also bring a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and goggles if they like to use them.

The camps will take place at my home, which is located in Mesquite inside the 635 loop off of Town East Blvd and Highway 80, about 1.5 miles past the I-30 split.

About me:  My name is Delayna Griffith.  I am married to one of the greatest men ever and have two children, ages 8 and 5.  I am a certified teacher who taught fourth grade language arts and social studies for six years until I became a stay-at-home-mom. Education is my passion, and turning kids onto the learning by making it fun and exciting is one of my favorite things to do in the world.  Next summer I plan to take my children to England, and in thinking about how to best prepare my children with the background knowledge needed to enrich their trip, the idea of this camp series was conceived.